Newsletter #2: Monthly Mask Parties, Treatment Specials, Private Parties, and Gift Bags

So . . . I guess I have decided it's not cheating :)

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When layering products, start with the lightest weight product and end with the heaviest.  It's like getting dressed - start with your underwear and end with your heavy coat. Put your water-based items under your oil-based as water can't penetrate oil, but oil can penetrate water.  And just like layering clothes, put on your insulating layers (with skincare these will be your hydrating layers like your mists and serums) under your heavier layers (your creams and oils) and then put on your protective shell (your sunscreen in the morning, and a heavier cream, oil, or sleep mask at night).


1. Sign up for next month's Spring Cleaning Mask Party, Thursday 4/11 5:30-7:00PM, now at Shondra Jin Skincare, 5 Depot Street Suite 14-A (facing Petrillo's and the train station)

2. Book a 30-Minute Treatment Package Special and save 46% (limited number of packages left, and only until the end of the month!)

3. Book a Private Mask Party or order a gift bag for you or a friend


Starting in April, Mask Parties will be held at Shondra Jin Skincare on the Second Thursday of the month.  As always, there will be drinks and truffles, a multi-step skincare treatment built around a sheet mask, a gift bag with enough product to repeat at least one treatment at home, and a certificate for 15 minutes free on your next treatment at Shondra Jin Skincare ($25 value).

April's Spring Cleaning Mask Party will be held THURSDAY 4/11 5:30-7:00PM at the studio and focus on transitioning the skin between seasons. $30 per person,  limit 7 (unless I find a bigger table ;) click below to sign up (or ping me!)

Sign Me Up!


I am still running two treatments specials.  Both are for 30-minute treatments, which would usually run $330 for a 6-treatment package but until 3/31/2019 will be $180, or a savings of 46%.  These are quick, results-driven treatment designed to get a lot done in a small amount of time. To sign up, ping me and let's get you in for a consult and start your treatments ASAP!

These would be a Perfect Easter or Mother's Day Gift - instead of just flowers or a card, gift your someone special with smoother, clearer, and more glowing skin!

Reveal & Renew Package Special:
This is a special on a 30-minute peel + LED.  Peels are great for renewing and revealing fresh skin, perfect for this time of year before the sun starts showing up on a regular basis (fingers crossed!).  Erase fine lines and wrinkles, reduce breakouts, fade dark spots, and increase hydration in just six sessions! As always, we can customize this series to your skin, going as lightly or deeply as you need (or want!). Ping me and let's get you to maximum glow for spring!

Tone & Brighten Package Special:

This is a special on a 30-Minute Toning treatment + LED. These treatments build on each other to increase circulation and encourage collagen production so your face and neck will look and feel more youthful, just in time for getting out from under heavy coats and scarves. 


I am now booking Private Mask Parties! Perfect for birthday parties, bridal parties, out-of-town guests, or just a chance to get together with friends of family and enjoy some fabulous skincare.  I can customize these for any occasion and up to 7 people in the studio, or larger groups at other venues.

Pricing starts at $25 for teens (intake/consent forms required if no parent or guardians are present) $35 for adults,  prebooking required.

Ping me and let's plan a special party just for you!


Planning a special gift? Need a last minute gift? Give a gift bag of goodies from ShondraJin Skincare! Let me know what you need and I can customize a bag just for you. I can do anything from little goodie bags for a birthday, a last minute gift for an office party, to a complete skincare regimen box for that lucky someone special.  Ping me with your ideas and let's create something skincare for your next gift!